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Jumping Rope
Steel bearings for smooth, consistent swing motion
Dual-corded rope resists abrasion and maintains shape
Dual injection molded handles enhance grip for greater control
Care Instructions
Although this rope handle may not get dirty often or ever you can still wipe it down with a damp cloth, if needed. The rope itself can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.
How to Shorten Your Rope
To evaluate your jump rope, loop the rope around your foot and pull the handles level to your armpit. If the rope extends past your armpit it should be shortened.
To shorten your rope, remove the end cap on the rope handles and push the rope up. There are two metal crimps on the rope end. One of the crimps holds the rope in place. The other should be used as the crimp once your shorten the rope. Measure and cut the rope. Put the unused crimp 1″ from the end of the rope. Slide the rope end back into the handle and replace the rope handle cap.
Jumping Rope
Jumping Rope
Jumping Rope
Jumping Rope
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